Pallet picnic tables – Upcycling Pallets

I love re-purposing! When I noticed a stack of pallets, I immediately knew what I was going to do! Stack them and make tables for my backyard bar-b-que get together. I thought they’d be ideal for my parties or whenever we are having family over. They’re wonderful for picnics, soirees, and are the perfect height to play board games.  I am glad that I continue to get great use out of this very simple DIY. My guests loved this idea too! Enjoy this very simple DIY.

Upcycled Pallets
Upcylced Pallet tables for our backyard gathering

Here’s how easy this DIY really is:

  1. Quality Check the pallets and ensure that there are no chips, nails, etc…(you don’t want them to snag or hurt anyone).
  2. Lay a clean blanket, comforter, towel, sheet (I used old comforter blankets as they’re softer and I had enough). Your guests will be sitting on this. I added cushion pillows to make it more cozy.
  3. Stack the pallets in the center. I found that 3 pallets were a good height.
  4. Place a table cloth or butcher paper. I used brown butcher paper.
  5. Decorate it or add a center piece if you’d like. I use jars and fill them with flowers. You can also add a caddy (I used a tin bucket) and fill it with necessities (hand sanitizer, napkins, cutlery, etc.)

2 thoughts on “Pallet picnic tables – Upcycling Pallets

    1. Thank you! I enjoyed piecing this idea together. Fortunately, we have ample space to store these pallets…which only allows for more clutter 🙂 The quilts are an eclectic mix (1 from when mom went to Asia, another from Target). But any mix of sheets/ colors would work for any theme! Thank you!!!


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