I love San Francisco’s Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building — My Recommendations

Ahhhh, the Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building…hands down, one of my most favorite things to do while in San Francisco. I celebrated my 35th birthday this past week in SF which explains why I have been MIA. But now I am back and ready to ATTACK!!!

I have a love affair with San Francisco and started to romanticize over this beautiful city as long as I can remember. I’d day dream about being a San Franciscan and how I would wake up early on a Saturday morning, grab my hand crafted bags and head over to the Ferry

Be sure to bring your best friend and enjoy!
Be sure to bring your best friend and enjoy!

Building for the farmer’s market. This market is no joke. I’d have my well thought out weekly shopping list with plenty of blank spaces, allowing for intuition to play. On the way, I’d stop by Philz Coffee and satisfy my caffeine fix. My choice is their signature mint coffee mojito sans the sugar.

Finally, I’d make my way to the Ferry Building. The first stop is the Roli Roti truck! If I am lucky there’s no line and they still have some pork knuckles available. I’d start up a conversation with their efficient staff and if luck continues to be on my side, he’d give me some crispy pork fat. Salivating.


I’d walk around and explore. Get to know the vendors who got up extra early to share their gift with me. Smell the fresh lavender. Admire the beautiful flowers of the season. Touch the beets. Sample the fruit. Mingle with customers. Buy some of my favorite jams and dried fruits…they’re gonna make some great stocking stuffers. I’d make my way to the back food court area and stop by 4505 Meats. Stock up on their chicharrones…

Heaven in your mouth...
Heaven in your mouth…

paleo friendly and so damn good. My friends are gonna fight over them! Oh and speaking of 4505 Meats…Tony loves their burgers.

I’d make my way around and find a place to sit, eat, enjoy the seagulls, embrace the street performers and the lovely view of the bay bridge. After soaking up the Farmer’s Market. It’s Ferry Building time!!!

Time for a refreshing pressed juice from Pressed Juicery. Stop by the Far West Fungi and pick up the jar of magic…truffle salt! It cures all!!!  Add it to anything and everyone will think you’re the best cook ever! When really…it’s just the salt at work, not you. Pick up some more for stocking stuffers!!! Admire the fancy terrariums of mushrooms and salivate over the white truffle$ I will have yet to afford. $312.50 per ounce…sweet Jesus!!!

If you need some more caffeine, take care of business at the Blue Bottle…be sure to grab their made to order waffles…yes, it’s worth the wait!!! There are so many great finds while at the Ferry Building. Hog Island Oyster Bar, Cowgirl Creamery…so much more! I should share that after all this galavanting and eating, I did the Nike’s half marathon the next day…Thank God for that. If you’re ever in SF, I hope you get to experience the Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building and get joy out of it.

3 thoughts on “I love San Francisco’s Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building — My Recommendations

    1. Nice! I hope you get as much joy out your excursion as I always do…be sure to check out the hours. Historically, it’s on Saturdays and end at about 2:30PM…The early bird gets the worm. Have fun and be sure to tell me all about your finds.


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