Never say Never. I bit the apple.

I bit the Apple.
I bit the Apple.

How fitting? I just watched the Steve Jobs movie. A must see, but not necessarily at the theatre. What a remarkable guy. Tony just gifted me my first ever Apple laptop for my birthday; and I was definitely impressed as this gift keeps me learning. Since this is my first ever Apple laptop, there’s a lot to learn. I’m not familiar with the programs, apps and interface…even the way you mouse, scroll and click. Somehow, somewhere…my brain recognized the icons. Icons I never knew of but were all so familiar. It took me back to the time I was five. FIVE years old!!! In Mrs. Kern’s 1st grade class! The screen was black and green, and all I was told to do was to click “save.” Wow!! Little did I know…I bit the apple many moons ago, way back in the first grade!!

How did I become this person? While I love the power of technology, I wouldn’t say I am a technologically savvy person. I do appreciate it though. Five years ago, I swore that there is no way that I’d be able to let go and ditch my beautiful, efficient Blackberry. I never imagined that I would be THAT person, that crazy apple fan. Never say never.

I’ve been looking forward to this all week!!! In a few hours, I will be attending my first (of many) Apple classes. It feels like the first day of school. Ready to impress, feeling vulnerable, and ready take it all in. I am very much so looking forward to my Mac Basics workshop and am determined to challenge my brain and become a MacBook PRO!!! I have no idea what ever happened to my Blackberries? This was never intentional. It’s been an organic process. I have since abandoned my camera, GPS, Zagat books, palm pilot, walkman, books, camcorder…the list is endless!!!

Blackberry to Apple
Blackberry to Apple

Thank you Steve. Thank You.

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