November to Remember

It’s still not too late to make this November one to remember. I hope your November has been kind to you. With Thanksgiving coming up, it’s almost over and I have been MIA. I had many exciting goals and wanted to accomplish so much for this month, but have found myself fighting to get a hundred. Our trip to Mazatlan was perfect. Despite the fact that I ended up in a medical clinic the morning of my flight, it was still perfect. I am a weak sauce and my stomach was not able to handle it anymore. They call it “Montezuma’s Revenge.” Thankfully, I was able to get some medical attention and three shots later, I was able to function a few hours later. The recovery since, has not been a lot of fun. I have been operating on about 70-80 and hope to be at 100% soon.

A sunset to remember (Mazatlan, MX)
A sunset to remember (Mazatlan, MX)
Being the second to the last month of the year, November has always been a very hopeful month. A month where we can still work on a few resolutions that we have may have neglected. A month where all the feasting begins and gives us many excuses to try out a new recipe and of course indulge. It’s also the perfect time to start on some new holiday crafts.

Despite a few setbacks, I am still determined to make this November one to remember. Yes, there’s 8 days left, but I plan to make it a memorable one. How are you going to make your mark this November?

Here are a few of my goals of what’s left of November:

  1. Get well and be a hundred percent
  2. Share quality time with family and friends
  3. Complete my Christmas shopping
  4. Master a few new Thanksgiving dishes (green beans w/ bacon and shallots, roasted yams with pecans, and a creamed spinach)
  5. Start on my personal keepsake craft Christmas gifts (tutorial coming soon)

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