A very special DIY gift you can make: a Photo Magnet and Ornament

The holidays are the perfect opportunity to try new things, express well wishes, reconnect, and of course…create new things!!! For Christmas, I wanted to make something special for my family and friends, and this one is a must share! It’s so simple that you can even involve your kids to get their creative juices going. This year, the keepsake gift I decided to make is a personalized photo ornament that can already be hung up on the Christmas tree and then as a magnet on the fridge throughout the year. Dual purpose, meaningful, decorative and functional, all in one! Oh and if you read yesterday’s post…it marks a place in time. Which I love!

I have already given this to a few dear friends and family of mine and to see the joy in their reactions brings me very much happiness. If you’re like me and enjoy crafting up thoughtful gifts or if you want to make something for your first time, and have no idea what to DIY… look no further and check out this tutorial!

Here’s what you need:

All the supplies you need to make your Ornament Magnet.
All the supplies you need to make your Ornament Magnet.
  • A handy dandy 3 inch circle puncher (I got mine from Michael’s) or a pair of scissors if you don’t have a circle puncher
  • Photos printed on high quality paper (I would not recommend card stock as regular stock is much easier and flexible to work with the mod podge)
  • Mod Podge (Gloss Lustre Sealer)
  • Mod Podge Dimensional Magic (this is optional…though I love it because it adds dimension and gloss)
  • Wide Mouth (3 inch) canning/ mason jar lids only -I find that this size works out best
  • Paint Brush(es)
  • Magnets
  • Glue gun & glue sticks (be sure to read the fine print and buy the glue sticks that are good for metal)
  • Bakers twine (cut and tied into pieces of about 3 inches in length). You don’t need to use twine and can use any type of ribbon, fish string or hook. This serves and the ornament hook and I like how the twine looks.
  • Your preferred packaging method…Ideas include: satchel pouch bags, boxes, etc.


  1. Gather photos and print them. Ensure that that they fit into a 3″ circular frame. –>I stole borrowed the photos off of my recipients’ social media accounts which add to the surprise and fun! It also eliminates a lot of the thinking since people typically share and post only their favorite photos.
  2. IMG_9225Cut the photos into a 3″ photo. I use my circle puncher. However, scissors work just as well.
  3. Get your wide mouth canning lid, flip it so that the brown circle faces you and using your brush, apply a thin layer of mod podge sealer on to the circle.
  4. Apply the photo from step #2 on to the mod podge sealer you just applied
  5. Apply another thin layer over the photo and get rid of any bubbles
  6. Allow to dry (I give it a full hour +)
  7. IMG_9229Once dried, apply Mod Podge Dimensional Magic (again, eliminate all bubbles). This part is totally optional, but I like it because it gives it dimension and gloss. Allow to dry (I give it another full hour +)IMG_9238
  8. Once dried, flip over the lid. Using your glue gun, apply the twine in the center position. Apply the glue over the twine. If you don’t want this to be an ornament, you can skip this step and it can be a magnet only.
  9. IMG_9239Apply the the magnet over the glue, allow to dry (about 15 minutes). If you don’t want it to be a magnet, you can skip this step and it can be a coaster…endless options!!! Also, you technically don’t have to glue on the magnet, since it will stick on to the metal lid.
  10. Package into your preferred method. I decided on a box with a label I made. I also think pouch bags or simple ribbons are very good…you can check out Paper Mart for great, affordable packaging and decor supplies…I love that place!

Note: I wanted to provide a set, so I did these in sets of 4-6 per recipient. I intend to make one each year with the idea of using photos from that year. This way, my nieces and nephews have a keepsake that captivates each year. However way, you choose to do this, have fun doing it! I gave this set to my dear friend, Deborah and fellow blogger (check her out for some amazing cocktail concoctions and more at Clever Little Madam). She was speechless!

Personalized Ornaments/ Magnets make for a wonderful keepsake gift
Personalized Ornaments/ Magnets make for a wonderful keepsake gift



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