Little things

While at Starbucks yesterday, I overheard a little girl behind me having a conversation with her dad.

She said to her dad in Chinese, “Ba Ba, the lady in front of me, she’s wearing high heel shoes.”

Her dad said, “Yes little one, and one day, when you get bigger, you can wear any type of shoes you choose to…”

She replied, “Yes, and when I get big, I want to wear her shoes and her dress, and everything she’s wearing.”

I turned around, smiled, and told her in Chinese, “Do you like high heels?”

Her eyes popped out as I think she was shocked that I heard her, responded, and share the same language as her.

She clammed up and shared, “Yes and I like your shoes and you’re very pretty.”

I gave her a piece of candy that I had in my purse and said to her that I thought that she was sweet as the candy and that I love her leopard converse shoes and her whole outfit too. Her smile was as wide as ever.

She took me back to when I was in the first grade and how much I loved Mrs. Kern’s manicured nails (even when they were all full of chalk) and how much I wanted to be just like her when I grow up. I am so grateful for yesterday’s reminder of how impressionable kids are and how as adults we can be so influential (even in the slightest ways). Yes, even to this little, cute as a button girl at Starbucks! Thank you lil one. Thank you for the reminder.

May you all have a very safe, and as stress-free as possible, last weekend before Christmas and be sure to take your time, enjoy your coffee, and all the small little things around you.

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