Wedding Planning Wednesday – Got wedding advice? I will take it!

“How’s the wedding planning coming along, Sammy?” a very fair question asked by EVERYONE this past year.

Any time I was asked this, I’d deflect, “Pinning, Not Planning. Lots of Pinning. Planning will take place in 2016. How are you? Let’s talk all about YOU.

New Year’s Day I woke up and all of a sudden, it was 2016. I tossed. Huffed. Puffed. Tossed, turned, and blurted, “I don’t want to plan this wedding.”

“Huh? Seriously, Sammy?!?! What are you talking about?” asked Tony.

I had some explaining to do. Do not get me wrong. I am very excited to be engaged. I have been relishing every minute of it, so much so that I don’t want this engagement to end. Every minute of these past eleven months of being engaged has  been all things unicorns and butterflies. Still though, it’s nerve wrecking.

It’s very easy for me to plan an event for someone, but for me…it’s just paralyzing. For months, I have been listening to people’s advice, playing with color schemes, researching why certain traditions exist, lots of pinning! I have not done a single thing. Really…nothing! So it’s very approrpriate that I decided to start this Wedding Planning Wednesday piece where I get to talk about all things wedding planning. I hope this will also hold me accountable. I can’t be engaged forever, I suppose.

He asked. And so, I said, "Yes."
He asked. And so, I said, “Yes.” This was the image I created to announce our engagement on social media.

Welcome to my first of many “Wedding Planning Wednesday” posts. I’m no wedding planning professional, and question what I have to offer (especially because I haven’t done a single thing)…then it dawned on me. This may make perfect sense…like many soon to be brides, I am just a girl who thinks she can do it all and wants to plan a very special wedding day. Yeah, I want to roll up my sleeves and do it all…all the favors, the calligraphy on my invitations, bake the cake, and pull off a festive, honest, traditional yet personal and BIG Chinese Mexican wedding. Phew, see why I am already tired? BUT it does not have to be stressful! Yes it’s going to be overwhelming, but it’s going to be an unforgettable and fun journey ahead. At least that is what I remind myself.

What is your one piece of wedding or wedding planning advice? Anything you would have done different? Any do’s and don’ts worth sharing? I would love to hear.

DUN DUN DAH DAH DUN DAH DUNNNN DUNNNN DUN DAH DAH DUN…breathe. It’s all good! Just breathe.

10 thoughts on “Wedding Planning Wednesday – Got wedding advice? I will take it!

  1. We did a small 50 person dinner for our wedding – immediately got on a plane for our honeymoon in Spain and when we came back, we had a huge party with a few hundred of our friends at Dave & Busters! LOL! This year I’m a ‘Matron of Honor’ and will be helping my little sister plan her big day. Like Mrs. Kearin said – delegate to your friends. That will help you with the stress. GOOD LUCK!

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  2. Hey Sammy!
    I was the girl who did the whole wedding planning on her own 🙂 It was perfect and it was stressful. I think the biggest thing you have to know is:” What is the ONE thing that is important to you?” Is it the dress? the flowers? the reception? the music? the get away car? the honey moon?
    For me and my husband of 2 years it was music and the wedding venue. We are both musicians so we spent a whole bunch on the musicians for the service and the reception. We knew that was our biggest priority. So decided that and you will be happy!
    Second thing is: you have bridesmaids and best friends for a reason! haha I almost forgot this in my control freak planning.
    #3 no matter what happens on the day or leading up to the day you will be married to your sweetie and it will be wonderful! Don’t panic! 😀
    Thats my three cents. Happy Wedding planning! Enjoy the ride!


    1. Thank you, MrsKearin! That’s such great advice. Define what we value, delegate, don’t panic. All stuff that this Type A has a hard time with! Congrats on your 2 years. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your encouraging words.

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  3. Elope. Take the money and run. You’ll thank me twenty years from now and Tony will probably thank me tomorrow. Seriously, Sammy, skip the wedding and take a great trip somewhere.

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