What’s got you feeling Fabulous this Friday?

Woooohoooo!!!! We did it! We survived the first full week of 2016! What’s got you feeling FABULOUS this Friday?

These babies have me feeling fabulous!
I’m enjoying these flower arrangements I made. Anytime I pass by these flowers and see them dancing, they get me feeling so very FABULOUS!!!  One of the sweetest things that Tony does is surprise me with Why Not Just Because Flowers. No joke. Something spectacular just happens and my heart gets zapped with all kinds of happiness and all my stresses are magically forgotten about. It’s definitely these small acts that find a way to my heart.

Tony picked up flowers last week at Trader Joe’s and while I enjoyed the arrangement for a few days, I got antsy. El Nino arrived and was in full force this week and I wanted to make something pretty. After a few days, the arrangement was wearing away, so I decided to take out the dead ones and save what’s left and make as many arrangements possible. At the end of an eventful day, there’s just something so fabulous and rewarding about coming home to something made by me.

What’s making your day a fabulous one today? The crispy winter air? That new wallpaper that you just loaded on to your iPhone? A phone call from a dear friend? The hope that comes with the new year? Or the sound of quiet? Whatever it may be, may you find something that makes your Friday (and everyday) fabulous.

In case you want to make yourself someday, here’s a quick tutorial on how make easy floral arrangements.


  • Flowers (pointer: it’s easier to have flowers within the same color tones)
  • Containers/ jars/ vases (I like using different sizes)
  • Scissors
  • Rubber band/ twine
  • Water
  • Pedestals (cake stands, stacked books, whatever you may have around the house)


  1. image
    Gather your flowers, discard the bad ones, and cut them to a same length consider the height of your containers/ vases.
  2. image
    Make the arrangement and lay it out, tie it with twine or a rubber band
  3. imagePlace tied arrangement into your containers/ vases, add water.
  4. image
    To create dimension, place them on pedestals (cake stands, stacked books, boxes, etc.)
  5. Optional: Decorate the vase if you’d like with ribbon…sit back and enjoy!


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