How to make your own Magical Memory Book

What do you do with your holiday cards? Do you keep them up all year? Throw them away? I absolutely love them and it’s one of my most favorite things about Christmas time. By the time I grab them from the mail box, they’re already opened before I get to the door. Photo cards tell a story of how my friend’s have grown, starting a new chapter, are experiencing divorce, and even how they may have lost a loved one.

Enjoy your cards before you take them down & start making your Magical Memory Book

I put them on the fridge, on my desk and hang them by the mantle. Seriously, I really wish I can keep them up all year long, but Tony would flip. So by mid January I take them down and put them in my Magical Memory Book. This book is in my box of “What?!?! The house is burning? GRAB my Survival Box.” For today’s Make Something Monday, I want to share with you how to make your very own Magical Memory Book. This book is never complete and you keep adding to it, but you whenever you feel like picking it up and going through it, it will magically make your day better.

What you choose to put in your book is up to you, I recommend anything that speaks to your heart. My Magical Memory Books are filled with the following selected content:

  • Annual Christmas photo cards
  • cards from family and friends (I only keep the ones that speak to me)
  • special notes that matter to me
  • Birth Announcements
  • Wedding Announcements/ Invitations
  • Funeral programs of someone dear to me
  • Letters from my nieces and nephews
  • A personalized menu that a restaurant designed for me

Here’s what you need:

Here’s what I do:

  1. Gather your photo cards or your selected content
  2. I allocate a range of alphabets per sheet protector (example: A-D, E-G, etc.)
  3. Based on the last name of the family, I add it to corresponding sheet protector
  4. I clip this year’s card to previous cards from that family and put it back into the sheet  protector

Voila! It’s THAT simple! If you would like, you can have different books/ binders that fit to different themes (holiday cards, birthday cards, special notes, etc) and label them. I keep them all in one book/ binder and divide them by tabs.

I hope you get much joy in putting together your Magical Memory Book.

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