Cheers to Mint Green Smoothies and Fabulous Fridays!

Cheers, Salut, Ganbei!

Wowsas! What a week, what a week! Who wakes up thinking, “Geeze. I am gonna crack my molar and get some major dental work done today?! Let’s face our biggest fear today!”?

“Not I,” said the fly.

“Nor me,” said the bee.

After having had a terrible experience where anesthesia never kicked in and I felt each and every single thing happening, my biggest fear is getting major dental work done. Cold shivers, sweating bullets, tears, the struggles was real. I put on my big girl panties and did it. I took on my biggest fear and won (I think…well, sorta).

Cheers, to Friday! Were you thrown a curve ball this week? I know you got a handle on it. What’s got you feeling fabulous this Friday? Me, I am grateful for the wonderful and super gentle Endodontist who really assured me that everything is gonna be okay…AND my mint green smoothie has me feeling oh so FAB this Friday! Not only is it great for my sore mouth, but it’s a wonderful source of fiber and all things fabulous.

May your Friday (and everyday) be all things fabulous, always.

Mint Green Kale Smoothie, Cheers!!!

If you want to make a Mint Green Kale Smoothie, here’s what you need (all items can be found at Costco):

Set your Vitamix on Smoothie Mode, pour it into your favorite glass, add your cute straw….Sit back and enjoy.

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