Add Flowers in your home and increase your happiness?

After brunch yesterday, I stopped by the Los Angeles Flower District, and I was in heaven. So many flowers, so little time. I went a little crazy and now my house looks like the Flower Mart too. I read somewhere that flowers increases happiness and reduces stress in a home. I couldn’t agree more.

After a long day of work, it’s just so welcoming to come home to a nice arrangement of flowers. It’s going to be a crazy busy week, so for this week’s Make Something Monday, I wanted to create something inspirational to get me by. This Yellow Forsythia arrangement is going to help me plow through this week.

Whenever I see Yellow Forsythia branches I know that it means that Chinese New Year is right around the corner. Typically, they’re paired with red blossoms and it’s common to see red and yellow blossoms. According to Chinese culture, red symbolizes good luck for the new year and yellow or gold represents great wealth and growth.

What are you plans for this week? I hope that whatever they are that you manage to make something or find something that inspires you or tickles your heart. Make it a great one friends!

Chinese New Year Yellow Forsythia Arrangement

Here’s a simple tutorial on How to make a Chinese New Year Yellow Forsythia Branch (or any type of branch like flower) arrangement.

Items Needed:

  • Yellow Forsythia Branches (I got 10 branches for $8 bucks! What a steal!!!)
  • Water
  • Wide Hurricane Vase (I used one that’s about 15 inches high)


  1. Arrange the branches inside the vase so that there is a well balanced finish
  2. Fill up the vase with about 4-5 inches of water


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