What did I just do? I think I just decided to take on fear.

I went into the gym just to try to understand their pricing structure and ended up spending some $$$ and committed to an 8 week “Lose 2 Win” program (a program for those determined to lose 10-20 lbs, ahem ME!). Also, I wasn’t sold on it…it was me who did all the probing and sold it to myself! No joke.

Today, I am giving up Fear.

Oh man. Did I get my workout game on today? Well, sort of. After my sales consultation, I headed to Trader Joe’s (right next to my new gym) and bought chips, salmon dip, bacon and cheddar dip, kale & spinach dip and a nice bottle of wine. I called one of my best friends, got his assurance. Came home, inhaled just about everything! Wait…but I was so impressed and convinced that I had to call my sister. She’s in. She’s joining in on the fun and is going to be a member at my new gym too! Now, that’s love.

How and why I got here? I don’t know. Actually, I do. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. It’s wedding time and time to push myself. It’s been many moons since I joined a gym and it’s scary. The machines, the people, the embarrassment, and just the fear of just letting myself down, it’s all there and it’s so real. BUT! There was just something so accepting and hopeful that I felt today. The people, the vibe, or as Deepak says, the ENERGY! This gym feels like it was made for me and everything just feels so right about it.

It’s Think Out Loud Thursday and I think it’s time to share that I am tired of thinking of getting fit, it’s time to get vulnerable and be fearless. And once I am done with this bacon dip, you’ll see what I mean. Seriously…you will! The words “fit” and “fat” start and end the same but the difference is in “I”. I swear, I just made that up…but it’s so true. My struggle is real, but I am determined.

BTW: I can’t believe I just put myself out there tonight.

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