Oh what Joy!

This morning, Ace insisted on seeing me off to work, so Tony took him. It’s been about two weeks since we got our pup and the joy is just inexplicable! Yes, he’s a lot of work. His first night home, he WE got up every hour and over time, we have made great progress and we are on a routine now. He’s growing rapidly and we are relishing every moment.

Ace's first walk
Ace at 8 weeks on his first walk.

From the shots, getting him micro chipped, first bath, first walk and having to rearrange the entire house, rushing home in the middle of the day to relieve him, it’s all been worth it. Once we had to euthanize our rescue Yorkie, we didn’t think that would be ready. Has something or someone ever surprisingly filled your life with joy? Ever get a second chance at love? I was lame enough to once think that I would not allow myself to get attached to another fur baby, but that all just flew out the window with Ace.  We definitely lucked out with this guy!

This past week, we celebrated the arrival my college roommate’s baby. People say that a love your child does not compare to that of a fur baby. Who knows? I certainly don’t. Be it your child, your fur baby, your loved ones, I hope that their companionship has you feeling fabulous everyday, especially this Friday! Enjoy your weekend.



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