DIY: I love you SOY much Hello Kitty Soy Sauce Valentine gift

I love you SOY much, I could eat you all up Hello Kitty Soy Sauce Valentines! I love simple gifts with a touch of personalization and add some heart to it…and it’s a quick way to zap my heart and make me smile. Today’s blog is simple, has a free template and is also my first giveaway...check it out.

When I was at my local sushi deli a few months ago, and I saw these adorable Special Edition Collector Hello Kitty soy sauce dispensers made by Kikkoman, I had to load up on 2 dozen of these. Yeah, the patrons thought I was nuts, but seriously…they had no idea what I was up to. (Neither did I) I just knew I needed them.

“I love you SOY Much…I could eat you all up!” message

It’s Make Something Monday, and since it’s Chinese New Year’s today and with Valentine’s Day coming right up, I wanted to share this very simple DIY with you. I also have label downloads available for you. It can be given as a Valentine, be used as part of Chinese New Year host gift, gifted to any Hello Kitty fanatic or soy sauce lover (and who doesn’t?), or a just because gift. It’s just adorable! So adorable that I decided to do my first giveaway. All you need to do is like today’s blog by February 10th, 2016 and one winner will be chosen and will receive an I Love You Soy Much Special Edition Hello Kitty Soy Sauce dispenser. (Only open to residents and shipping addresses located in the United States).


Here’s what you need:

  • Hello Kitty Soy Sauce Dispensers (for the sake of this DIY, you can actually use any sauce you’d like)
  • scissors
  • hole puncher
  • baker’s twine or ribbon
  • gift tag hole punch (if you don’t have one, you can just cut the tags into your preferred shape)
  • handwritten message or your favorite message already printed on your choice media
  • Download templates here

soy much

I love you SOY much template in PNG


  1. With the gift tag hole puncher, make the tags
  2. hole punch the tag
  3. Cut the twine or ribbon and needle it through the tag
  4. Tie it around the Hello Kitty Soy Sauce Dispenser

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