Do you have any Kind Words?

Kind words. That’s what got me feeling Fabulous this Friday! Who would have ever thought that kind words of gratitude from a stranger would make my day?


When I started to blog, I didn’t have many intentions. I wanted to create a platform to share things that speak to me. Pretty simple. I also wanted to do things organically and just go with it. It’s been about five months since my first blog, and it’s been interesting to see the things that continue to unfold in this new found joy.

In the process, I have become a contributor craft blogger for one my favorite companies, Create for Less. Here, I get to share some DIYs on crafts. Last night, I came across a comment in response to a DIY post on Heart Lollipop Valentines Flowers. It read:

“I am 78yrs young and have made many various crafts for my 5 children, grandchildren and friends. When I saw these cute Valentine Heart & Lollipop Valentines, I knew I had to try to make some for my friends, grown children, grandchildren and Great grandchildren. They will just love them. Thank you for sharing.”


Mrs.Barbara Hanobik of Brook Park Ohio.

Maybe it’s because of what life has thrown my way these past few weeks, whatever the reason…these kind words of gratitude are timely and so appreciated. They give me that extra umph! to keep on going. To know that my shared work manages to inspire at least one other person to create something for their loved ones; and in the process receive joy in the creating and crafting process. These words are validating to me because I have always believed that crafting and creating is truly heart work in every sense.

What’s got you feeling fabulous this Friday? Have you kind words ever made your day?

Kind words. Do you have them? I’d encourage you to share them. They may just make someone’s day better, and even the world just a tad better. At least that’s what I know to be true for me on the receiving end.

It’s Valentine’s Day weekend. May this be the start of a fabulous weekend for you.

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