DIY: One in a Minion, Minion hats

We had a One in a Minion Birthday bash for my sweet nephew, Preston. What happens when you have an idea of what you want, but there is no such thing in the market?  You creatively visualize and then construct. That’s what you do! I wanted minion hats for all the kids, but I was not impressed by anything out there. So I made my own. If you want to make your own minion hat, do not fret, I got you. For this week’s Make Something Monday, we’re making Minion hats! This is a very easy DIY tutorial! The kids loved it so much that some used it for their Halloween costumes! Happy Crafting.

DIY: One in a Minion, Minion hats

Here’s what you need:


silver glitter foam craft paper make great goggles!
Trace the goggles and then cut
glue the googly eyes on to the foam sheet (using your glue gun)
Using your glue gun, add on the hair (black pipe cleaners) and apply the googles/ eyes. You can get as creative as you’d like!
Here’s a one eyed minion!
Getting em all ready!
Lay them out for your minions to grab (have a glue gun handy in case anything needs to be glued back on)
Watch your minions enjoy & have fun!!!


  1. Cut the black ribbon or black tape so that it fits around the hat, using your glue gun, apply this on to the hat
  2. Cut the Silver/ Glittered foam paper so that it’s your preferred size to sit as the border of the eyes. I used different eyes. Some had a 3 inch googly eye, while others had two 2 inch eyes. Cut your frame so that it’s slightly bigger.
  3. Using your glue gun, apply the googly eyes on to the foam paper circles that you made. Apply this on top of the black ribbon you just glued.
  4. Cut the black pipe into the hair pieces (sizes are based on the hair styles you’re doing), with your glue gun, apply the black pipe cleaners to the top of the hat. Have fun styling their hair.
  5. If you want to, you can add a label (tagging it with a name personalizes it/ makes anyone feel special and avoids confusion)

Now go watch your crazy Minions have fun!!!! May their excitement bring you joy!!!

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