The Power of Your Narrative

Last week during one of my workouts, I got pissed. Ever get so pissed off at yourself, you don’t know what to do? It all started when my trainer, Jason, asked me to do this…it’s called the ab roll out. He said, “Focus on the core, tighten it up.” So I focused! Just like her…not really…but I focused.

Ab Wheel Roll Out. Just in case you’re wondering…That’s not me up there.

In reality, this was what as really going on. I made out with the floor and there was no tightening of any core. I fell flat on my face (and on my core too)! UGH!!!!


How?!?! How did I this happen so quickly? I was actually excited to go to the gym, and in a matter of of a few seconds, it was an epic fail.

As I was balancing myself on that wheel, I wanted to throw in the towel. The more that Jason was trying to help guide me, the more frustrated I was becoming. I was so bothered as I already know how it should be done. I’d done this before the right way and with more ease. Then the negative self talk took over, “Sammy, how did you let yourself go?” “Sammy, you used to do this so easily…what happened to you?” Oh man, my narrative was just as negative as Nelly can get.


AHA!!! That’s when I realized something…many of us, well…I can only speak for myself. I avoid doing things that are uncomfortable or make me feel less because it reminds me that I am failing. In this case…I have made excuses to put off working out. Be it a wheel roll out, push ups, or a run that I may be struggling with, I just avoid it. Dealing with the struggle reminds me of my shortcomings or how I have fallen off the band wagon. It’s easier to not go to the gym or face any of my weaknesses to begin with.

When I shared this realization with Jason, he shared, “You don’t think that even the best athletes fall off the band wagon? But the best keep going.” Those words resonated and I needed to hear them that very second. Do you know what I am talking about? Do you ever avoid fear because it may take you to a nasty place? It’s Think Out Loud Thursday, and I think it’s important that WE create positive narratives for ourselves. It’s so easy to be hard on ourselves and the negativity can quickly snowball.

Earlier this week, Ronda Rousey shared some courageous words on Ellen. I don’t know much about UFC, but I find her thoughts and emotions to be so raw and relatable. It also validates my experience and how our choice to change our narrative is the start of the change that we want to see in ourselves (and in the world for that matter).

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