Apple Chips

Do you like fruit chips? I do! This week, I wanted to make some apple chips. It’s so easy, I wanted to share this DIY recipe with you for today’s Make Something Monday.


Apples (cored and sliced into consistent sized pieces) – I like them about 1/4 in. thick and I don’t like the skin, so I peel it too.

Home made Apple Chips

Here’s what you do:

  1. Select great, delicious apples. -I used organic Fiji apples
  2. Peel, core, slice
  3. Place them neatly (sides barely touching each other) in a food dehydrator
  4. “Set it and forget it!” The apples are dehydrated when they are leathery but not damp… I set it for about 8-10 hours


Enjoy! You can also package this for a special gift to a friend.

What are you making this Monday? A new project? Craft? Dish? I’d like to know. Whatever you do, I hope you make this Monday a great one.


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