Unexpected Outcomes


And just like that! It’s already the last weekend of February. Well, El Nino which was “too big to fail,” failed. Has the first two months of 2016 gone as you expected? Did you have any expectations? Have you met them?

It’s Friday. What has you feeling fabulous this Friday? Unexpected Outcomes have me feeling pretty good, actually damn good! See…I tend to over think, over plan and this year, I told myself…Just visualize, plan, do, trust and then go with the flow. Often times, the to-do lists and endless tasks cloud my ability to appreciate other opportunities that are often masked. Yes, it’s easier said than done, but I’m finding myself doing this more and more and thus far, it’s been good.

In January, I wanted a fur baby, something that I was overthinking and decided it was time.  Yes, there have been many sleepless nights, lots of barking, endless chewing and lots of additional expenses that comes with the territory. But gosh, the joy! It’s inexplicable and I never thought that I would be THIS happy with my fur baby, Ace.

gym dj
Never did I expect myself to be working out and Turnt Up in my new journey!

Besides this unexpected joy, I also decided to take on a fear and started a new program at a new gym last month as I shared with you here.  Yes, I was scared and felt so vulnerable and I still do. As each day passes my confidence is growing and the fear is not as present.  A month later (today), the unexpected outcomes have me feeling empowered. I didn’t think that I would be getting stronger and being as discipline as I am with my food. It’s pretty neat to see how powerful our mind and attitude are. I didn’t sign up for this thinking that I would re-evaluate my eating habits and work life balance, but here I am…pushing myself beyond my limits, making better choices and trusting myself to be better. Am I tested? You betcha! Seriously, I just want to inhale nachos right now, it feels good to know that I have a choice and a consequence.  My discipline and realization that this is personal goal about progress and not perfection, make my choices that much easier.

Have any of your choices led to positive unexpected outcomes? What’s got you feeling fabulous this Friday? I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead.

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