Beyond the Mason Jar

Image Source: Wedding Bee

I am guilty. I have shelves and boxes of the ever versatile/ multi-functional/ repurposed/rustic/ dainty/ simple/ inexpensive mason jar. You name the type, I probably have it.

My name is Sammy and I’m a Mason Jar addict. Seriously, I am.

It seems that they can be found anywhere. At weddings, showers, parties, restaurants, restrooms…they’re in virtually every workspace…and you know what?! As much as I can appreciate them, I can’t contain myself anymore, and I am going to say it. I am over them. They’re overplayed. They’ve had more than their 2 minutes and there are many other creative and stunning ways to contain your flowers and add flare to your centerpieces or wedding décor. It’s Wedding Planning Wednesday, and we’re thinking beyond the mason jar and talking about containers or vases that can be used for your wedding centerpieces or décor.

I especially like vases that are one of a kind, but I can also appreciate something that can be repurposed for use after the wedding. –Something that the bride and groom or their guests can take home and reuse! What did you use at your wedding? Did you have vases? Or if you’re in planning mode, what speaks to you? I’ve always been a fan of old, antique tea tin cans and there is also something very magical about bird cages. Lanterns can also be very rustic and modern, and sometimes, a clean square or circular vase does the trick as they’re simple and the lines are clean! I love things that allow you to layer and give your centerpiece more depth…think lots of little things (vases, frames, trinkets) that make up once centerpiece. Below are my top picks for wedding vases or centerpiece containers. They’d also work for other events like parties or back yard gatherings.

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