Last Weekend before Spring has me giddy

The smell of Jasmine, flirtatious birds, bright flowers, and longer days, you’d think that Spring is already here. It’s the last weekend before Spring is officially here. What’s got you feeling fabulous this Friday?

I just love the smell of Jasmine. A kind reminder that Spring is almost here!

The anticipation of this weekend is what’s got my step springing and feeling fabulous this Friday. Weekends are the perfect opportunity for me to take my time. Take my time to try a new recipe, have a dinner date, share coffee with my friends, hike with my sisters, play new tricks with Ace, take a new meditation class, a new project, write to my friends or just take my time to take a breath and breathe. Yes, breathe.

I have a whole list of things I am looking forward to exploring this weekend and you know what? It’s absolutely okay if I don’t explore a single thing and just go with the flow. May your last winter weekend be exactly as you wish, starting with this fabulous Friday. Make it a great one.

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