It’s Spring!

We survived the first week of daylight savings and this weekend marks the start of Spring. What’s got you feeling fabulous this Friday? The excitement of Spring has got me feeling fabulous this Friday! The weather is warmer, grass is greener, and flowers are incredibly vibrant. I especially appreciate the longer days which allow me to squeeze in just a bit more fun in the sun. I seriously love what the new season has to bring us.

With the weather warming up and the fear of El Nino past us, what are some ways that you embrace the spring season? This past weekend, I got a head start and took a walk with my nieces, Ava and Sophie. We picked flowers from around my garden and we brought the outdoors in by making some dainty floral pieces using vases I got from TJ Maxx. Not only do I get to enjoy looking at these pretty Bougainvillea flowers, I get to bask in the smell of the fresh Jasmine. Mmmmmm…….

After picking some flowers, we put them in some vases and let them dance for us all week!

There’s just so many different things I’d like to do with the extra sunlight, here’s some of my spring goals I’d like to make happen.

  • take hikes with Ace
  • enjoy the sunset at the beach
  • make a birdhouse
  • take advantage of the events at the Barnsdall Art Park
  • ride my bike
  • wine tasting with girlfriends
  • go to the Hollywood Bowl
  • host a soiree
  • check out what’s at the Huntington Library and walk the gardens
  • take the Metro with a friend and explore LA
  • sip mimosas and have brunch with my girls
  • enjoy meals at outdoor cafes
  • take my time at the Farmer’s Market
  • have a picnic
  • perfect my patio space
  • go kite flying with the nieces and nephews
  • explore a new neighborhood
  • take the scenic route more often
  • enjoy a damn good beer at the Dodgers game

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