DIY: Personalized Dog Food Bowl Stand

Ever want something and you don’t like what’s available? Well, that’s how I felt about getting a personalized, raised dog food bowl stand for Ace. I looked on many different sites, and I was this close to spending more money than I’d like on mediocre, unconvincing, not as stylish food stand. Yes, I get it…it’s just a food stand this is certainly a first world problem, but if it’s something I am going to buy once and look at, it best be to my liking. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Yeah…and it’s true, Ace can really give two cents about how his food is being served to him…the guy eats anything!

Do you want to make your own personalized raised dog food stand? Look no further! There’s absolutely no need to spend big bucks. Today’s post is a late post to yesterday’s Make Something Monday…a DIY tutorial on how to make your own Personalized Dog Food Bowl Stand. You can definitely make your own stand, but I loved this one that I found from Kathy Ireland’s Loved Ones line. (Go Kathy!!! What an entrepreneur!!!)  It’s timeless and I especially like that it’s adjustable so it’s great for Ace now that he’s a pup and will still work for him when he’s an adult. To customize it, I tweaked it a bit.

If you’d like to customize or personalize our own stand, here’s what you will need:

Here’s what you do:

  1. Spray paint your letters, allow to dry.
  2. Once dried, use a paint brush to apply the wood glue

    Apply the letters using Wood Glue
  3. Apply the letters to the food stand, allow to dry

    Yep…it’s that easy! There you have it, a Personalized Dog Food Stand!
  4. Serve and watch your pup his or her favorite food, enjoy!

    Ace doesn’t care about his stands…all he wants to do is grub! It’s a ruff life!!!

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