Running into the Ex!!!
image source: CNN
Oh, you know…that moment. That moment where you run into your ex and you need to immediately make some executive decisions. Have you ever run into the ex? What’d you do? “Run, Forrest, RUN!!!” OR hurry up, get your disheveled self together, quickly apply the lip gloss and concealer, double check that the brows are on fleek, work that plastic smile, put on a show and subtly let him know that since your break up, you were on last month’s cover of Sports Illustrated, discovered the cure for cancer, traveled the world and are working on your 4th start up.  What do you do? Well, it depends.

My roll dog and I were out, minding our own business, having fun, and then it happened. Right there…as we were ready to complete our weekend hike. Are you effin’ serious? Right when almost reached the peak of the hike, he and his wife were right there. Yeah, apparently, there was no other place to hike that day. He had to choose the same place as us.

My sweet puppy Ace knows a thing or two about hiding in shrubs. Ace, where are you? What are great hider you are.
The trail was narrow and there was no avoiding and the shrubs were too bare to hide behind in, so…we did what our instincts said, we avoided him like the plague and bolted down that mountain faster than a rolling boulder! We ran so fast, I was going to puke but it was all worth it because they never knew that we were there and we avoided each other. PHEW!

As you may have guessed, they ended on terrible terms and as to prevent any unnecessary drama, we did what we did. Have you ever thought about what you’d do if you ran into an ex? What have you done or what would you do? I got to thinking…here are my three simple rules:

  1. Plan Ahead. Anticipate the unexpected. Plan ahead and know your response. Think of the worst case scenario and how you’d react so that you can be as composed as possible. You may have a run in. So how would you react? Think about it. If things ended badly where he stalked you, smeared you, and if there was some restraining order involved and he just was not nice, yes…avoid him. No need to be mean and give any slanted stares, just move on.However if things ended amicably, there’s no need to bolt.Other times running into an ex can be a bit more expected (say if you both still share mutual friends) and are invited to a wedding. If this is the case, don’t be surprised. Know your response, and oh…Avoid the alcohol (even if it’s an open bar)!
  2. KISS -not as in kiss, but…Keep It Short & Simple. Yes, you’re likely wondering how your once shared Fido is doing, but don’t ask. You don’t have shared custody anymore and there’s no sense in revisiting the given. Or you may feel compelled to let him know that you’re now an Olympic athlete and won the gold. There’s no need to upsell yourself or pretend like you care. Don’t reminisce.  Oh, and speaking of KISS, there’s no need to do that awkward handshake (you’re not business partners), or that cold 3 hand pats on the back I- don’t -want- to -hug -you- hug. Keep things short and simple and end conversation as quick as possible.
  3. Respectful and Courteous – Yes, you may harbor resentment and you never got the closure you wanted, but that’s all in the past now. No need to bring it up and revisit the past, it’s done. Act nice (just for these two minutes–remember tip #2). It’s not hard.

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