About Me

Sammy Tang SS“Seriously, Sammy?! Did you leave the candle burning on all night again? You’re lucky you didn’t burn down the house.” 

“Seriously, Sammy?! After trying on thirteen pairs of black heels, you’re not getting a single pair? I thought that last pair was ‘just perfect’! Woman!!!”

“Seriously, Sammy?! Are you really going to wing it and do that half marathon next month? You’re nuts!”

“Seriously, Sammy?! Did you really ask the school principal to go to your nephew’s class to teach him a lesson? Helicopter Aunt.”

“Seriously, Sammy?! Can you stop? You’re so loud and annoying…You’re embarrassing me! Stop twerking. The entire store is looking at us.”

When someone asks me if I am serious, it’s often a rhetorical question laced with sarcasm and topped off with a very long dramatic eyeball roll. Welcome to Seriously, Sammy!? My blog about all things seriously important to me right now. This includes: good eats, recipes (mostly healthy), things that fill my heart with song, nourishment & wellness, entertaining, DIY projects, and more.

Writing about myself feels a lot like writing an ad for Craigslist. Upselling myself and somehow managing to keep it real. I come from a huge family and am the youngest of five. My sisters remind me that growing up, I would get away with murder. Let’s just call it wisdom. They also say that I was found in a sewer. My siblings have given me seven nieces and nephews (ranging from ages 1-19) and if it’s one thing I know for sure, I love everything about being an aunt and take panking very seriously. My growing family is my most proud possession and while they give me the confidence to conquer the world, ironically, they’re also the source of my self-doubt and negative self talk. They humble me.

At any given moment, I am either trying a new cleanse, salivating over nachos, or inhaling nachos. In less than a month, I turn 35. This blog is something that I have been saying that I will do before I turn 30. When I turned 30, I gave myself an extension. This is a project* that honors my word to myself. Now, I want to do this before I get married. Oh, and I am engaged!!! My dahling fiance, Tony…he’s a whole lot of awesome and nowhere near as sassy as me (but who’s comparing?). He grows more patient everyday and I like to test him a lot. He’s rigid, pragmatic, and shops a lot more than I do. He also manages to make almost everything more fun.

Besides nachos, my weaknesses include dramatic wrap dresses, exclusive sales, fashion accessories, failing to see the silver lining, being neurotic, compulsiveness…just to name a few. I am deathly afraid of sharks, complacency, disillusionment and leaving the curling iron on and burning down my house. I love a great laugh, story telling and value living vulnerably (though easier said than done). I also have a HUGE crush on Jimmy Fallon.

I started to cook about five years ago and cooking has become my therapy. From my days of working at Fatburger to waiting tables in college at BJ’s, my work has always involved sales, service, and customers. Be it selling, crafting, cooking, managing people, or listening…at the end of the day, I strive to matter to myself and those who matter to me. Some days I try harder than others, but I try.

I live in Los Angeles and have a special place in my heart for San Francisco.

I speak Chinese and am conversational in Spanish.

Thanks for checking out my site and learning about me. I would like to learn about you too.


*and just about 9,039,489 other projects. One of my many shortcomings is that I take on way too many ideas and projects at once.

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I LOVE your blog cousin! I can hear your voice & humor in your thoughts. I am very happy that you are doing this. I remember that you wanted to be a journalist when you were graduating high school. Now I see how amazing you are with your words. You are definitely putting yourself out there in a positive way to express the craziness in your life. I simply love it. Can’t wait to read more! Sending hugs & positive energy your way! Love you! #seriouslysammyfan


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