Thank you for stopping my DIY section. I hope this inspires you. Many people ask me, “Sammy, Why do you DIY?”

Creativity, crafts, imagining things and somehow constructing and creating things are such a part of me that I can’t seem to remember my life without valuing these things. It’s always been a part of how I process things and fills my heart with song. When I was eight years old, I recall looking at a corrugate box. I flipped it over, covered it with some scrap fabric (with a bold birds of paradise print on it) and stapled the edges to the box. I topped it off with a vase, candle and other decorative pieces including my favorite Hello Kitty pencil box. I told my mom, “You don’t need to worry about spending money on getting me a desk. I made myself one!” To top it off, my friends loved my desk and wanted one too. Double Score!! For as long as I remember, this is how my mind has worked. What can I make? How can I repurpose something? How can I make something with heart-work and give it a personal touch? Maybe this stems from the fact that as a child, I was poor that it was necessary? Perhaps my creative energy comes from living in an almost reality and craving an utmost fantasy.

These days, I have more means than I did at the tender age of eight and while I don’t need to create a desk for myself anymore, it does not mean that I immediately order what I want. “Just because I can, does not mean I should,” are some words that I try to remind myself. So, I try to look at other resources, options, and if I don’t like what’s available, I will create what I want.

Why do you DIY? What inspires you?

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